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IT Service | Computer Repair | Website Design | Data Recovery

We're here to help you computer repair service

Sudarshan Infosystem is your choice when your computer stops working and a quick on-site computer repair is required. You do not want to take your computer to a shop to wait 3-4 weeks for a repair? Do you need your computer daily and need a quick fix? A computer technician will come to your home immediately (within 24 hours and on request even on Sundays and holidays) and will analyze and try to fix the problem on the spot. It does not matter which operating system your computer works with: Our computer technicians are very familiar with all Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions

  • Unlimited over the phone assistance
  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Refurbished Technology Sales
  • Computer Technology Sales
  • Full year antivirus program ezyrepair
  • Unlimited over the phone assistance
  • Parts available depending on the
  • Laptop depending on the

Why Choose Us

Quick response

Emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed at live person will answer your call or you can enter service

Fast Services

Including the ride to your home,as well as a 30min technician time unit.Often, the problem can already be located and solved within this time.

Trust Our Experience

All kinds of hardware concerns, be it a computer repair or a laptop repair – need excellent innovation and an equally strong emotional network which is able to offer technical support and render services at any given point of time.

We're here to help you manage your problem regular emails that will arm

Our service

Sudarshan Infosystem offers a whole range of IT services, listed below are a few examples. .

Low Price Guarnatee

Shopping around for the best price? We know price is a big factor in your decision to repair your device,

Computer Service

In Computer repair sometimes a simple reboot can fix a lot of issues, but when it doesn't we can help

Website Design

Whether you require a custom built website for your business done to your current or new website we can help you.

Desktop Service

We provide you a online secure remote control to solve your issue and error.

Secure Back-up

Keeping a back-up of your files enables you to keep your information stored and safe and easy to retrieve.

Laptop Repair

We offer a range of laptop repairs and upgrades. If you cannot find the service you require below, please get in touch.

Repairing Works

  • all work
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Printer
  • others

Sucessful Customer

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